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How Do I Legally Sell Beef from My Livestock Operation in Florida?

You have worked hard raising quality beef and demand for locally grown food is increasing.  Perhaps you have considered selling meat from your livestock operation, but have found the regulations to be somewhat daunting.  This article highlights two UF/IFAS Publications which focus on this topic and provide answers to the many questions related to this …

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Tritcale is Gaining Popularity with Dairy and Beef Cattle Producers

Tritcale is becoming a popular cool-season forage variety for Southeastern cattle producers. Photo: Ann Blount Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Nick DiLorenzo and Jose Dubeux, UF/IFAS NFREC Marianna Triticale is a winter forage that is gaining in popularity in the Southeast. The name might sound unfamiliar (pronounced trit-i-kay-lee), but it has become increasingly sought after in …

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Friday Feature: Crowd Cow – Selling Packaged Beef Online Direct to Consumers

This week’s featured video was a news report from KOMO Channel 4 News about a new online beef marketing service being offered to consumers in the Western US.  Crowd Cow is the name of a Seattle company that is connecting grass finished beef operations with consumers who purchase packages of the cuts of meat they …

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Florida Beef Cattle Short Course – May 3-5

Beef Cattle Short Course hands-on learning opportunity. Photo Credit: Tyler Jones The Florida Beef Cattle Short Course is one of the premier educational events provided annually by the University of Florida.  The 2017 Beef Cattle Short Course will be held May 3-5 in Gainesville, Florida on the campus of the University of Florida. This year …

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Friday Feature: Video Tour of a Beef Packing Plant with Temple Grandin

This weeks featured video provides an honest look at how cattle are handled at meat packing plants.  Dr Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, widely considered to be the world’s leading expert on humane animal handling, created the “Glass Walls Project” to show people the truth about humane animal handling in …

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Friday Feature: Florida Ranchers Working Together to Supply Local Beef

A new cooperative, Florida Cattle Ranchers LLC is developing a branded beef program to supply Florida born and raised beef to Florida consumers.  Their slogan is “Rare Beef – Well Done.”  This week’s featured video highlights what this group of cattle producers is striving to accomplish. Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC is pleased to present our …

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2017 Beef Conference Presentations and Highlights

Click to view slideshow. The 32nd annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference & Trade Show was held on February 8, 2017 in Marianna, at the Jackson County Extension Office.  Five speakers provided information to help beef cattle ranchers focus on “Crucial Management in Challenging Times.”  In addition to the presentations, there were 28 companies and organizations …

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Reducing Beef Herd Costs in a Deflated Market

Figure 1. Weekly average 550 pound steer prices from January 2010 – January 2017 There is no question that cattle ranchers will have to make some challenging decisions to reduce expenses in the face of a deflated cattle market.  Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Regional Livestock Economist provided the chart above, which tracks the US weekly average …

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Culling Considerations for Beef Females

There are several things to consider as you decide which animals should be culled or removed from your herd each year. Source: UF/IFAS Photo Archives One of the toughest decisions for producers to make is to when to pull the trigger to cull or sell off breeding animals from their herd. Often times these cows …

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Northwest Florida Beef Conference & Trade Show – February 8

The 32nd annual Northwest Florida Beef Conference and Trade Show will be held on Wednesday, February 8th in the Agriculture Conference Center, at the Jackson County Extension Office, located at 2741 Penn Avenue, Marianna, Florida. Registration and the Trade Show open at 7:30 AM central time, the program starts at 8:15 AM, and concludes with a …

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