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Blueberries Likely Early This Year – What You Need To Know To Keep Them Happy

In all North Florida Counties, blueberry jam, blueberry cobbler and fresh blueberries seem to be a staple. This is because there are many home gardeners are able to consistently grow a top quality product. This year blueberries are very large already on plants throughout the panhandle! The increased size may be indicating earlier maturity than in the …

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Blueberries for the Panhandle

Blueberries Have you tasted the great local blueberries available this season? Want to start your own Blueberry garden?  Now that Blueberry harvest is in full swing in the Florida Panhandle, it is a good time to discuss blueberry culture. Blueberry plants in garden centers lure us in with bell shaped flowers or especially if already …

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