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Cute Baby Chicks and Your Chickens Can Make You Sick

Last summer the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 181 people from 40 states got Salmonella infections from contact with their poultry.  This year, through the end of June 2016, 611 people from 45 states have gotten sick from Salmonella infections related to poultry.  Of the 611, 138 were hospitalized, and 195 (32%) were children …

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Factors that Affect Egg Production in Chickens

Proper nutrition that includes high protein and calcium levels for shell production is essential for laying hens. Photo credit: Doug Mayo Article by Hank Bignell, 4-H Agriculture and Small Farms Agent Chickens begin to produce eggs between 18-22 weeks (5 months) of age. Egg production can hit a peak at 90% in the first 8 …

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