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Composting With 4-H Clubs

A two liter soda bottle with the top cut off makes a great mini compost bin. This is a a new batch with soil mixed in to experiment with jumpstarting the composting process. With the promise of fresh vegetables just around the corner, now is a great time to think about starting a compost pile …

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Composting Recycles Yard Waste, Makes It Beneficial

With all of the rainy weather Northwest Florida has been having this summer, plenty of excess yard debris is littering our yards. Don’t put it in the landfill, Compost It ! Compost Pile Compost is used primarily in bed preparation to improve the soil and can even be used in preparing potting mixes. Partially composted material …

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Livestock Carcass Composting

Composting livestock carcasses is a relatively inexpensive, biosecure and environmentally sound approach to addressing the issue of carcass disposal when properly managed. Livestock Mortality Management Dr. Josh Payne, Oklahoma State University Extension Area Animal Waste Management Specialist Livestock mortality is an issue encountered by every rancher. Mortality may be associated with disease, injury, age, or …

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