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Potassium Deficiency in Hay Fields can Enhance Fungal Disease Issues

Jackson County Pensacola bahiagrass hayfield that was yellow and stunted at the end of June. The orange arrows point out green clumps of grass where the fire ant mounds were located. Photo credit: Doug Mayo The Yellow Bahiagrass Hayfield At the end of June, a Jackson County rancher noticed something strange about his hay field.  …

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Corn Disease Management: When to Apply a Fungicide?

Southern Rust in field corn at the UF/IFAS Plant Research Center, Citra. Photo: Nick Dufualt. By Nicholas Dufault and Maria C. Velez-Climent, UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department Recently, southern corn rust (Puccinia polysora) (Figure 1) was identified in Seminole County, Georgia and southern Alabama. Our current rainfall trends have many wondering if it would be beneficial …

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Disease Alert: Citrus Greening and Asian Citrus Psyllids found in the Panhandle

F. Iriarte, X. Martini, M. Paret, UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC) Quincy, and E. Lovestrand, UF/IFAS Franklin Co. Extension Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as Yellow Shoot or Citrus Greening is a devastating disease of citrus worldwide. The disease is caused by a bacteria named Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus. This bacterium is transmitted by …

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Disease Management Strategies for the 2017 Watermelon Season

Figure 1. A field infected with Fusarium wilt. Areas with missing plants are regions that have higher levels of inoculum. Recording this damage can be useful for future disease management at this site. by Nicholas S. Dufault, Bimal S. Amaradasa and Mason J. Newark With the watermelon production season starting in Florida, now is a …

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Potato Disease Management Starts with Monitoring Your Seed Stock

Figure 1: Seed borne diseases, such as blackleg shown above, can go unnoticed until it is too late. Paying close attention to the seed from production to planting can help reduce the impact of these devastating pathogens. (Photo courtesy of Clay Pederson) By: Nicholas Dufault, Rebecca Barocco, and Sajeewa Amaradasa There have been many concerns …

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Tropical Weather will Increase Disease Pressure on Late Planted Crops

Figure 1. Video of weather forecast for Friday September 2 showing movement through the Southeast of Hurricane Hermine. There is a brief advertisement at the beginning of the video. Ian Small, Nicholas Dufault, Kelly O’Brien, and David Wright Late season storms like hurricane Hermine (Fig. 1) and tropical depression Julia (and 12) often bring significant …

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Ergot: A Fungal Disease in Argentine Bahiagrass Found in Jackson County

Ergot infected Argentine bahiagrass seedheads on the left and center,  normal seedhead on the right.  Photo credit:  Doug Mayo Several calls have come in to the Jackson County Extension Office recently from producers regarding something unusual in their “Argentine” bahiagrass fields.  A parasitic fungal disease called ergot (Claviceps paspali) is growing on the seadheads (racemes) …

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Boxwood Blight Update: Disease Confirmed in Leon County

Close up of Boxwood Blight symptoms from the pyramid boxwood to the right. Note the dark discoloration of the leaves. Stems presented same dark discoloration. Also note leaf drop on the soil inside the pot. Photo credit: Fanny Iriate Fanny Iriarte, Mathews Paret, and Gary Knox, University of Florida, North Florida Research and Education Center, …

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Cucurbit Disease Management in an El Niño Year

So far, mild winter temperatures and ample rainfall have led to multiple disease issues in many of northern Florida’s winter crops (e.g. forages). While temperatures are predicted to be below normal for the months February, March and April, it is projected that rainfall will continue to be above average during that same period (Figure 1). …

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Peanut Disease and Nematode Management Update

Bob Kemarait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist Peanut disease and nematode management are always a critical component for profitability and success.  The following are some suggestions for disease and nematode management for the 2015 growing season. It is expected that there will be a significant increase in acreage planted to peanut in 2015.  Growers are to …

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