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Workshop on New and Re-emerging Rose Diseases and Pests, July 11, 1-5 pm.

Come to this free workshop to learn about the latest results of University of Florida and national research on roses. Receive hands-on training on symptoms and management of rose rosette disease, rose mosaic disease, crown gall, and rose pests.   FL Pesticide CEUs, FNGLA CEUs and GA Pesticide CEUs have been applied for!   This …

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Potential Pests and Diseases of Olives in Florida

Figure 1. Adult glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis. Photo Credit: Lyle J. Buss, UF/IFAS Russ Mizell, Peter Andersen and Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman Olives, Olea europaea, are a newly-developing crop in Florida, but much still remains to be learned of the potential pests. Olives are best adapted to dry Mediterranean climates with some winter chilling. Production under Florida …

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What Tropical Storm Colin’s Rainfall will Mean for Peanut Diseases?

Peanuts with water droplets on leaves after a rainfall event providing free moisture for infection by diseases. Nicholas Dufault and Rebecca Barocco,  UF-IFAS Dept. of Plant Pathology Back in 2013, the Suwannee Valley as well as other parts of the southeastern U.S. were hit with 10 to 25 inches of rainfall in the month of …

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Do Your Part to Stop the Spread of Mosquito Borne Diseases

The invasive mosquitoes Aedes aegypti (left) and Aedes albopictus (right) occur in the Americas, including Florida, and have been implicated in the transmission of Zika virus. Credit: J. Newman, UF/IFAS/FMEL Sheila Dunning, Okaloosa Commercial Horticulture Agent With all the news about the Zika virus spread in Florida, now is the time to start thinking about …

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Tomato Foliar Diseases

With the over abundance of rainfall the western panhandle has seen in recent weeks, tomato gardeners need to be aware of foliar diseases that could appear.  Tomato leaves are an ideal host when moisture is present on the leaf surface.  There are several of these diseases that, if not managed, can destroy the garden. Early …

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Wet Weather Brings Fungal Diseases

March may seem a little early to worry about fungal diseases, but recent prolonged wet weather and warmer temperatures have made the climate just right for a variety of leaf diseases in the Florida Panhandle. One in particular, Blackspot (Diplocarpon rosae), is particularly problematic for the discerning rose grower. Blackspot is just beginning to be seen …

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News Interview: Wet Cotton and Peanut Fields developing Fungal Diseases

Jackson County farmer Craig Bishop shares his frustration with wet fields and developing fungal diseases with WJHG News Channel 7′s Bergen Baucom. Target spot in cotton, and white mold and leaf spot in peanuts are ramping up, but fields are two wet to spray. Author: Doug Mayo – demayo@ufl.edu Jackson County Extension Director, & Livestock …

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