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Friday Feature: Celebrate National Forage Week June 18-24

National Forage Week is Sunday June 18 through Saturday June 24, 2017.  This week’s featured video, produced by the American Forage and Grassland Council, highlights some of the positive impacts of forage production in the U.S.  If you are a forage producer, please share this video using your social media accounts to promote the positive …

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Friday Feature: The Life of a Crop Duster

Growing America has started a nice feature for their weekly newsletter readers of sharing farm stories though videos.  This week’s featured video highlights the story of Scott Tennant, Colquitt, GA, who is an agricultural pilot, more commonly known as a crop duster.  Crop dusters provide a valuable service to farmers in this region, because they …

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Friday Feature: Timeless Fence System

This week’s Friday featured video showcases an innovation in fence posts and braces for livestock fences.  Plastic Innovation, Greeneville, Tennessee has developed the Timeless Fence System that utilizes recycled plastic to create PVC t-posts and fence braces that are flexible and strong, yet totally insulated for use with high-tensile electric fencing without the need for …

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Friday Feature: Water Quality Affects Cattle Performance

This week’s featured video was developed by the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service to explain the benefits of good quality water for livestock.  Alabama Water Resources Extension Specialist, Eve Brantley, discusses the best water practices to use in your cattle operation. Cattle consume 2 gallons of water per 100 pounds of body weight per day, so …

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Friday Feature: A Tribute to Dr. Alvin Warnick

This week’s featured video is a tribute to one of the all time great professors at the University of Florida.  Dr. Alvin Warnick passed away at the age of 96 on May 7, 2017.  Another significant contributor of the “Great Generation” has passed on.  Dr. Warnick served his country in World War II and then …

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Friday Feature: Crowd Cow – Selling Packaged Beef Online Direct to Consumers

This week’s featured video was a news report from KOMO Channel 4 News about a new online beef marketing service being offered to consumers in the Western US.  Crowd Cow is the name of a Seattle company that is connecting grass finished beef operations with consumers who purchase packages of the cuts of meat they …

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Friday Feature: Cindale Dairy & Creamery

This week’s featured video was produced by Florida Dairy Farmers to highlight a local dairy farm in Jackson County.  Brad and Meghan Austin of Cindale Farms are continuing the family dairy farming tradition. Instead of simply expanding the farm to include the next generation, they diversified in a unique way. Their family works hard both on …

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Friday Feature: White Angus developed at the University of Florida

This week’s featured video highlights the White Angus breed of cattle being developed at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education in Ona, FL.  These are not purebred Angus, but a line of cattle that are approximately 3/4 blood Angus that have dark skin but light colored haircoat.  When White Angus cows are bred to …

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Friday Feature: Portable Chainsaw Sawmill

This week’s feature video highlights a handy innovation for farmers and ranchers.  A tool that allows you to uses your ladder and chainsaw as a portable sawmill.  Norwood Sawmills makes the PortaMill that landowners can use to convert logs into valuable lumber for less than $ 1,000.  With the PortaMill, you use your chainsaw as …

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Friday Feature: Remote Control Boat for Pond Herbicide Application

This week’s featured video highlights an innovation for managing pond weeds.  Lake Restoration Incorporated has developed a remote control, miniature air-boat for applying pond herbicides.  Spraying weeds can be a real challenge for pond owners, but this product could make aquatic herbicide application fun.  The TORMADA application boat will hold one gallon of concentrated chelated …

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