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Friday Funny: Cowboy Ropes Bike Thief at Walmart

This is not a joke.  This really happened!  An Oregon cowboy went to Walmart to get some dog food.  He heard a lady scream for help,  jumped on his horse, roped a bike thief in the Walmart parking lot,  and then called 911.  Check out the CBS News video.  The tape of the 911 call …

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Friday Funny: How Dry is It?

The Florida Panhandle, like a large portion of the Southeast is experiencing serious drought this fall. While drought is hardly a laughing matter, humor does have a way of easing the anxiety.  The following are just a few jokes to share with friends and neighbors as you discuss the current drought. It’s So Dry When …

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Friday Funny: The Deer Hunters’ Debate

Photo credit: Digital Photography by Jeff Bryant Four true friends from a local church joined together on Saturdays at a local farm during deer season.  There was the farmer who provided the land, a doctor who was skilled at cutting up the meat, a lawyer who provided the hunting buggy, and the preacher who always …

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Friday Funny: The Nosy Store Manager

Last week a store manager at a local hardware store overheard the clerk saying to a customer, “No, ma’am, we haven’t had any for some weeks now, and it doesn’t look as if we’ll be getting any soon.” Alarmed by what was being said, the manager rushed over to the customer who was walking out …

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Friday Funny: The Pistol Packin’ Widow

John and Mary were married for 56 years, and lived on the farm they cherished that had been in their family for three generations.  After John died in 2010, Mary decided to keep living on the farm, but passed the business operation on to her son and grandsons.  While her family was on the farm …

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Friday Funny: Respect for Your Elders

A male college student and a much older alumni sitting in front of him had a heated exchange at a recent college football game.  The young man was enjoying heckling the coaches and players and shouting obscenities at the referees.  The older gentlemen put up with this rowdy young man through the first quarter, but …

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Friday Funny: Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Marriage Right

Harold and Jenny live on a farm in the Florida Panhandle.  Though they have been married for many years, and raised three children to adulthood together, their marriage has been challenging for Jenny.  Harold has worked hard his whole adult life to provide for his family, and take care of the family farm that had …

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Friday Funny: You Might be a Farmer

Wednesday, October 12th was National Farmer Day, an annual day set aside to pay tribute to the 2% of Americans that feed the other 98% of us. National Fill In Blank Day has been made very popular with social media as a neat way to draw attention to a meaningful causes.  If you missed it, …

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Friday Funny: The Donkey’s Revenge

One day a farmer’s jackass fell down into an old abandoned well on the old homestead.  The animal brayed and squealed pitifully for hours.  The farmer was going crazy, because he could not figure out what to do.  He and his wife hardly slept at all, as the poor creature squalled and caterwauled in agony …

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Friday Funny: Antique Tractor For Sale

Farm machinery classified adds are normally dull and boring, but do get the point across in just a few words.  Recently a farmer in the Panhandle came up with something really clever to generate income for his farm from an antique tractor restoration project that had never quite been completed. Antique Tractor For Sale John …

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