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Cotton Marketing News: June Report Sends Mixed Signals

Don Shurley, Cotton Economist, UGA Emeritus Professor Last week’s USDA monthly crop production and supply and demand estimates contained some good news and some bad news.  Overall, I’d have to consider the report somewhat bearish. The market (new crop December futures prices) has been in a “downward-sideways” mode since mid-May and has been locked in …

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Cotton Marketing News: Prices Weaker But Remain Above Support

According to the latest USDA Crop Progress report, the US cotton crop was 63 percent planted as of May 28th—essentially at the average for that date.  In the Southeast, planting progress is at a normal level with exception of North Carolina and Virginia being behind 10-12 percentage points.  In the Mid-South, planting is mostly ahead …

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Cotton Marketing News: Is This the Wake-Up Call We Have Been Expecting?

Many years ago, a young man didn’t take his schooling serious enough and ended up spending some time at lovely Fort Polk, Louisiana.  That young man was me and that was my wake-up call.  It forever changed my life. I believe the cotton market might be getting a wake-up call right now.  We’ve been hinting …

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Where to Start with Marketing Fresh Produce?

Marketing fresh produce effectively is key to business sustainability. The local food movement has grown tremendously over the past several years. People have become more interested in how their food is produced and where it comes from. New farms have popped up to try to satisfy this demand. You might be one of these new …

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Cotton Marketing News – Higher than Expected Acreage Impacts Prices

Don Shurley, Cotton Economist, UGA Professor Emeritus US cotton producers say they intend to plant 12.23 million acres of cotton this year—up 21.4% from last year.  This number, released March 31, is higher than most pre-report expectations.  The National Cotton Council survey-based estimate back in early February was 11.0 million acres.  USDA-ERS in its Outlook …

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Cotton Marketing News: New Crop Strength and Outlook

Don Shurley, Cotton Economist, UGA Professor Emeritus Eighty cent fever is running rampant.  New crop December 17 futures have made a great run and the uptrend is strong.  Support seems to be firm.  New crop cotton has gained almost a nickel since the first of the year.  Currently, old crop May 17 futures are at …

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Cotton Marketing News: A Lot Going On and a Lot to Digest

Don Shurley, Cotton Economist, UGA Professor Emeritus The 2017 cotton market appears to be on increasingly stable and improved economic footing compared to 2016.  Prices for the 2017 crop (Dec17 futures) have now (this week) edged above 74 cents and the highest level since early August.  Prices are 14 cents per pound higher than last …

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Cotton Marketing News: Improved Market Provides Opportunity

March futures have improved.  January has thus far been a good month.  The big question and the uncertainty is whether or not this will last.  No one can be sure.  So if you’re a producer and have been looking for an opportunity to sell a portion of remaining 2016 crop, January has thus far provided …

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Cotton Marketing News: December Numbers May Contain Hidden Stocking Stuffers

Don Shurley, Cotton Economist, UGA Professor Emeritus My kids, and now grandkids, seem to enjoy the cheap, unexpected surprises in their Christmas stocking as much as anything.  USDA’s December crop production and supply/demand estimates were as expected, in some respects, but contain a few things that maybe can be viewed as unexpected and positive. Prices …

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Cotton Marketing News: 2016 Situation Update and 2017 Crop Outlook

The 2016 US crop may still be somewhat of a question mark but USDA’s November numbers provided clarity on a few things—the crop got smaller in some areas as expected and the crop still got bigger overall. The North Carolina and South Carolina crops were reduced by a total of 95,000 bales.  The Georgia crop …

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