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Is the Old Refrigerator at Your Cowpens or Barn Reducing the Effectiveness of Your Vaccines?

Gant Mourer, Beef Value Enhancement Specialist Oklahoma State University Respiratory disease in cattle, also known as BRD, shipping fever or pneumonia may cost the U.S. cattle industry over $ 2 billion annually (Powell 2013). Management techniques can offset much of this cost, and having a good vaccination program can maintain the health of a calf …

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Reducing Beef Herd Costs in a Deflated Market

Figure 1. Weekly average 550 pound steer prices from January 2010 – January 2017 There is no question that cattle ranchers will have to make some challenging decisions to reduce expenses in the face of a deflated cattle market.  Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Regional Livestock Economist provided the chart above, which tracks the US weekly average …

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Reducing Water Demand for Agriculture

Sod-based rotation field under a center pivot at the NFREC-Marianna taken May 28, 2015. Peanuts are in the upper right, 2 year old bahia grass is in the upper left, and 1 year old bahia grass is in the lower left. Cotton is in the forefront. Photo credit: David Wright. Dan Dourte, Ron Bartel, Sheeja …

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