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Evergreens for the Shade

New foliage of Japanese Plum Yew Photo credit: Julie McConnell, UF/IFAS Trying to grow turfgrass in shaded areas is a losing battle but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for mulch in those dark areas of the landscape.  There are many plants that will tolerate shady conditions found under the canopy of large trees, …

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Growing Pasture Under Shade a Challenging Mix

Establishing pasture under mixed hardwood shade such as this is a challenging situation. By Dr. Henry Grant, Gadsden County Extension Director. Recently, I received a telephone call from a client regarding establishing a permanent pasture of Argentine Bahia for livestock grazing.  In this situation, the client did not want to remove many trees from the …

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Caladiums Made For Shade, Offer Summer Color

Gardeners crave color in shady areas of their landscapes just as much as they do in sunny areas. Unfortunately, shade-loving plants generally are not so flamboyant, and the selection of colorful bedding plants for shady gardens is limited.     Thank goodness for caladiums. Even in fairly heavy shade they can be counted on to …

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Shade Trees Reduce Energy Use

Rob Trawick County Agent – Horticulture Jackson County rob.trawick@ufl.edu The heat is on, and we can expect daytime highs around 90 or above and nighttime lows in the 70s from now until September. As the days get longer and the sunlight grows more intense, our home air conditioning systems work harder and harder to keep …

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