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The Role of Stress Memory on Peanut Seed Quality

Peanut seeldings. Photo credit: Kelly Racette Kelly Racette, Diane Rowland and Barry Tillman, UF/IFAS Agronomy Department For as long as crops have been domesticated, farmers have been selecting seed from the best performing plants; based primarily on their yield and relative performance. In some cases, a plant may experience stress during the season, whether from …

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Beware of the Upcoming Heat – Drought Stress in Vegetables

As the season begins to heat up you may start noticing blossom-end rot (BER), especially in tomatoes. BER can be a serious drag on total yield with up to 30% total loss. It happens every year, usually the second week of May, but this year it looks like it may be next week. We are …

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Do You Spell Your Holidays “S-T-R-E-S-S?”

When holiday jingle turns into holiday clamor, it’s time to step back and evaluate. Are you falling victim to the dreaded beast called “stress?” It’s easy to do. With all of the hustle, bustle, and great expectations, we all are vulnerable to the type of emotions that can threaten – or even damage – our …

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Heat Stress Management for Dairy Cattle

Sigafoose Dairy Farm in Escambia County. Photo Credit: Hank Bignell All livestock are susceptible to heat stress, especially during periods of high humidity such as we are currently experiencing.  Cattle are at particular risk of overheating due to the production of internal heat from fermentation in the rumen (figure 2).  Dairy Farmers especially need to …

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